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Use the following template, found on each of our "Service"pages. The template will help you understand what could be going wrong with your vehicle, how we will repair your vehicle, and what these services may cost. 



You know your vehicle well, therefore you understand when it is in need of repair. Bring your vehicle in today! Also ask us about preventative maintenance plans. We would be happy to plan with you now so your car doesn't surprise you with mechanical failure in the future.



Bring your vehicle in to your local vehicle service center; Adams Automotive.

In order to keep your wait time to a minimum please give us a call or book an appointment online.  Most times we can arrange same day appointments.



With our team of ASE certified mechanics and advanced diagnostic instruments we will be able to identify and repair the failures within your vehicle. 



Our professional team is dedicated to giving you a fair price. We understand you are a part of our community and we want to offer quality service at the best value.