brake inspection




Do you hear a high pitched squeek when you press your brake pedal? Does your steering wheel shimmy when you decelerate on the freeway off ramp? These are a couple symptoms of warn out brake components on your vehicle.



A tire rotation takes about twenty minutes, but it also gives us an opportunity to inspect the brake components on your vehicle. This is an excellent procedure to preform regularly (every 3,000-5,000 miles) to prevent unnessesary premature brake component failure. 



​We offer several kinds of professional repair for your vehicle's braking system;

  • Brake Lube – Lubricate all sliding components within the brake caliper and brake pad hardware.

  •   Brake Pad Replacement – Replace worn out brake pads and hardware.

  •   Full Brake Service – Replace brake pads, hardware and brake rotors.

  •   Brake System Repair – Repairing or replacing a faulty or leaking brake line, repairing or replacing a faulty caliper or any other faulty component within the brake system.

  •   Brake Fluid Flush – Replace old brake fluid with new brake fluid.



All options are backed by a 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty!

Prices can vary based on application.

Normally Brake Pad Replacement starts around $200 per axle for the installation of new high quality OEM ceramic brake pads and hardware.

Replacing the Brake Rotors along with brake pads can start from around

$400 per axle.

We will provide an estimate of all repairs before any work is preformed. We never spend your money without your approval.

  • Brake Replacement is a critical part to maintaining your vehicle.

  • You want to make sure and check your brakes at least with every oil change.   If you don’t, and you allow your brakes to grind, you will do damage to the brake rotors which are much more costly to replace than just your brake pads.

  • At Adams Automotive it doesn't matter if your car is under our care for routine maintenance or for a specific repair, we will conduct a full vehicle safety inspection and let you know how much pad depth your cars brakes have.

  • Another tip we can offer you is to avoid riding your brakes when you are driving through the beautiful colorado mountains.  

Some more helpful tips