Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light is the most prominent of the warning lights displayed on your vehicles instrument panel. Often it warns you about systems within the vehicle that are operating outside of specified parameters. Every time you start your vehicle, the computer on board the vehicle runs several systems inspections. If it detects a system outside of operating parameters it will illuminate the check engine light. Simultaneously the computer will also record an error code.

These error codes can be read by diagnostic scanners. Once these codes have been read there are often diagnostic procedures that the manufacturer has designed to allow technicians to repair the identified problem.  In most cases the initial process of reading the diagnostic code takes a matter of moments. However the diagnostic procedure often takes an hour or more to complete.

Our procedure is to read the vehicles error code. Then inform you about the diagnostic procedure and the cost involved in preforming the procedure. With your approval we will carry out the procedure and then be able to give you an accurate estimate of the failure and the complete cost of repair.


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