Brake Replacement

At Adams Automotive we provide many options for your Brake Repair needs.

All options are backed by a 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty!

Brake Pad repair and replacement

  •   Brake Lube – Lubricate all sliding components within the brake caliper and brake pad hardware.
  •   Brake Pad Replacement – Replace worn out brake pads and hardware.
  •   Full Brake Service – Replace brake pads, hardware and brake rotors.
  •   Brake System Repair – Repairing or replacing a faulty or leaking brake line, repairing or replacing a faulty caliper or any other faulty component within the brake system.
  •   Brake Fluid Flush – Replace old brake fluid with new brake fluid.



Prices can vary based on application.

Normally Brake Pad Replacement starts around $200 per axle for the installation of new high quality OEM brake pads and hardware.

Replacing the Brake Rotors along with brake pads can start from around $400 per axle.

We recommend that you set up an appointment for your vehicle to be inspected to allow us to provide you with the most accurate information about what brake repair your vehicle needs.  At that time we can provide you with a very accurate estimate of what your brake service will cost.  As always the initial inspection is FREE!

Brake Replacement is a critical part to maintaining your vehicle.  You want to make sure and check your brakes at least with every oil change.  Your brake pads normally will not ware out over 3,000 miles but it is a good practice to stay in the habit of checking your “pad depth” which is just the thickness of your brake pads.  If you stay on top of your brake pad depth, and change your brake pads before they totally ware out, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.  If you don’t, and you allow your brakes to grind, you will do damage to the brake rotors which are much more costly to replace than just your brake pads.

At Adams Automotive our goal is to help you keep your car in tip-top shape so that it performs its best and doesn’t ever leave you stranded on the side of the road.  One way we do this is by conducting a break inspection every time your vehicle is in our shop.  Whether your car is under our care for routine maintenance or for a specific repair, we will conduct a full vehicle safety inspection and let you know how much pad depth your cars brakes have.

Another tip we can offer you is to avoid riding your brakes when you are driving through the beautiful colorado mountains.  To improve fuel efficiency car manufacturers try to shave weight of in almost ever part of a car.  One of the parts of your car that has less material than older models are your brake rotors.  This means that when the brake rotor is under friction, like say when you are braking, it will heat up much faster.  Under extended amounts of braking the heat can get so intense that the brake rotors shape is altered causing them to warp.  Once your brake rotors warp they will vibrate the car each time the brakes are applied.  Not only is the vibrating annoying it also decreases your vehicles braking performance.  This is because there is no less surface area that is in constant contact with the brake pads.